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Get Your Music on TikTok, NOW!

For the past few years TikTok has been the #1 most downloaded app on the market.

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Your Music in Front of Everyone

Basically, everyone and their grandma is on TikTok. It’s a magical place where anyone can go viral at any moment.

Even if TikTok dances aren’t your thing, you definitely want your music there. With Soundrop at your side, we can get your music on TikTok and give your song a chance at being the next viral sensation.

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It's Easy!

Distributing music to TikTok with Soundrop is easy – and we let you customize your song’s start time so that you can pick the perfect clip to go viral. You want to give yourself the best chance at success right?

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Why Have Music On TikTok?

Increase your visibility and chances of going viral
Gain passionate fans who will stream your music and attend your live shows
Creator videos can be great content for your own socials
Increased fan engagement and stronger community ties

Get Your Next Big Break!

Everyone from major labels to streaming playlist editors to influencers are scouting TikTok for the next viral song. TikTok can help you get your next big break – but only if you make sure your music is ready & waiting for influencers to pick it up!

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Get started for only 99¢

You don’t need a label to make it big nowadays. You can distribute your song for just 99¢ with Soundrop and become this year’s trending track in just a few easy steps.

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