Friday, November 18th, 2022

Where Does Soundrop Distribute Music?

How We’re Taking Music Distribution Even Further Beyond

At Soundrop, we give you the option to distribute your tracks to 22 different platforms all across the spectrum of the digital music world–and that number is constantly growing as we add new distribution partners. So what kinds of platforms are available to Soundrop users? And how on earth do we choose who to pair up with to get you where you wanna go? 

Music Distribution Services: The Big Picture

We’ll start big: categories. We currently distribute to platforms that typically fall under one of these major umbrellas: 

  • Download Distribution Platforms– Think iTunes and Amazon Music. These are stores where listeners can preview, purchase, and download audio files to add to their own music libraries. They pay and download the track once, and the file is theirs to keep on whatever devices they choose. 
  • Streaming Distribution Platforms– Places like Spotify, YouTube Music, and Tidal. These are platforms on which listeners can stream your audio off the internet without purchasing and downloading your individual audio file. The platform monitors play counts both on- and offline and makes sure you get paid out for all your plays. 
  • Automated Claiming Distribution Platforms– TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. These kinds of partners are specifically music-to-video, placing your music in a library that users can browse for music to accompany their visual creations. 

And then, of course, there are some distribution platforms that might be a lil’ column A, a lil’ column B, and maybe a lil’ column 🎉🤩🎆–platforms like Pandora, which places your music on curated radio stations, or Jaxsta, a cool, new, verified metadata database. 

But regardless of category, all of these platforms have one thing in common. 

Vetted Music Distribution Platforms

Soundrop isn’t throwing your music into the wind with the hopes it lands in trustworthy hands. No, no. We do our best to be your trustworthy hands and do our due diligence before we team up with any new platforms. That way, we can make sure that you’re getting paid what you’re owed, that you’re being sent to markets you care about, and that your creations are being handled securely and on your terms. 

It’s how we ended up straight-up doubling the amount of stores we distribute your music to in the past twelve months. “The same music you’re already distributing is earning more money because it’s distributed to more places,” says Morgan Levy, Soundrop’s Director of Product. The best part of that? If you opted into Auto Distro, you didn’t even have to lift a finger (or pay an extra CENT). We sent your whole back catalog to all of those places on your behalf. That means you didn’t have to do any more work to go from $$ to $$$$, and all of those platforms were thoroughly checked out by our team before being welcomed aboard. 

New Music Distribution Services We Added This Year

In that cohort of new platforms are some really neat new places that y’all have been clamoring for: 

  • Tidal: HiFi, studio-quality audio streaming for the masses
  • Snapchat: Pic and video sharing app that combines the virality of your Instagram Story with the privacy of a disappearing DM
  • Triller: Stream, record, create with this music-meets-video platform
  • Joox: Huge streaming platform in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar
  • Jaxsta: “The world’s biggest database of official music credits”
  • iHeartRadio: Satellite radio, music streaming, and internet radio stations
  • Napster: Revamped from its old peer-to-peer days; a legit streaming platform with millions of users
  • Claro Música: Huge streaming platform in Central and South America 
  • Qobuz: French streaming-and-download platform offering high-res audio
  • Anghami: “The first legal music streaming platform in the Middle East and North Africa”
  • Boomplay: “The No.1 music streaming and download platform in Africa”
  • Resso: Huge streaming platform in India also offering in-app social connection and sharing

Overall, we’re hyped to be distributing your songs to cutting-edge platforms–platforms that are pushing the envelope about what it means to be a creator, platforms that offer unique multi-media experiences, and platforms in huge global markets. 

“We entered the African music market with Boomplay in December of 2021, and we’re looking for more opportunities for our artists in that area,” says Morgan Levy. “I’m also really excited about Resso. The expansion that we’ve seen entering the Indian music market with that platform is staggering. We’ve seen our artists’ earnings rapidly grow.”

So no matter where your fan-base is (or where it’s about to be), we’ve got you covered.

Your music. Around the world. Get started today with Soundrop.