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“I chose Soundrop years ago because of the ease of cover distribution, but I’ve stuck with them because of their amazing team! Whenever I have a problem, I know a real person is going to do their best to help me solve it.”

Ginny Di

“I love helping artists. And it’s much more than making sure their album passes muster or their songs stay up. We also help connect artists to production resources and promotional tools, even other artists.”


Industry nerds at your service.

Helping you release your creative brilliance is what we live for. And our mission is to make it as easy as possible.

We stay up on all the latest rules and technical requirements so you don’t have to. So your songs go up—and stay up—without a hitch.

How it works:

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“Soundrop has given me mental stability and freedom as the release process is hassle free and simple. And if anything rare and funky happens, the customer service is always there to help!”

Celestial Aeon Project

Leave the hassles to us.

If distribution feels complicated, intimidating, or just plain annoying, fear not. We’ve thought of everything—so you don’t have to.

We make sure:

  • Your songs go up and stay up
  • Your audio, artwork, and metadata are good to go
  • All rights holders, including you, are paid accurately and on time
  • Your cover-song licenses are properly secured
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  • Your collaborators are paid
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