Creator Tools

Working with Soundrop gets you major perks

As a Soundrop artist, you get discounts on a growing list of tools and services from our partners to fill up your toolbox with all the goodies you need to thrive as a creator.

Michelle Healy

Save over 50% on mastering with CloudBounce

CloudBounce is an AI-driven app that gives you lightning-fast automated mastering anywhere, anytime, so you can master immediately during and after your creative process.

  • Achieve a more professional, crisp, and commercial sound.
  • Make songs ready for distribution on iTunes, radio, etc.
  • Get better sound on any medium and device—instantly.

Save $10 on copyright registration with Cosynd

Cosynd is a simple, affordable copyright and agreement service to protect all of your copyrights: music, video, images, and documents. Cosynd is leveling the playing field by making basic copyright protection accessible to everyone.

  • Build, negotiate, and execute vital contracts to secure your copyrights.
  • Seamlessly register copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office.
  • Save thousands in legal fees with just a few clicks.

Get 20% off your first month of Laylo Pro for fan messaging

Automatically notify your fans the second you drop new content, merch, tickets, or music, using whichever channel they prefer. Blast messages to your whole fanbase, or segment by DMs, email, or text. It’s like SMS on steroids with Spotify, Instagram, and Discord integrations.

  • Replace SMS, email, and landing page with a faster, cheaper solution.
  • Track conversions instantly.
  • Get up to 7X more streams and sales!

Get 10% off music videos with Rotor

Rotor is the automated video creation site for creators. Just upload your song, add your own video clips and/or clips from their library, apply a video style and captions—and Rotor’s AI automatically edits it all together to match the pacing of your music.

  • Create stunning music videos in minutes.
  • No video production skills or resources required.
  • Get professional-quality videos for use on YouTube, streaming platforms, and social media.