We hear you, we're here for you.

Being a creator is tough. You spend days recording, mixing, shooting, editing. And finally, miraculously, your latest project comes together.

But then you have to deal with licensing. And getting your songs ready for distribution. And making sure collaborators get paid.

That's where Soundrop comes in.

We're here to make life easier, with essential services for busy geniuses like you:

  • Responsive support from real humans
  • Expert cover-song licensing
  • Automated collaborator splits


Pay your peeps.

We make paying your collaborators easy. You can split royalties between multiple parties on any track. And every month your collaborators will automatically receive their share of your earnings.

No accounting hassle. And totally free.

“From the first day with Soundrop to the present, I’ve always felt taken care of. The staff is friendly yet professional…and it’s just been a great experience since 2017.

“One of the best things about Soundrop is that they are always trying to look out and help us grow as artists. One of those ways is helping us distribute to new and more online music stores/streaming services.”

Daniel Jang


We have you covered.

Licensing cover songs and paying mechanical royalties to publishers isn’t why you got into music.

For just 99¢ per cover song, we will:

  • Secure your cover-song license­–forever
  • Notify publishers and rights holders
  • Automatically pay mechanical royalties to the songs' publishers – also forever