99¢ per track, no hidden fees.

With Soundrop, you can distribute a song to as many music platforms as you want for just 99¢.

99¢ also includes licensing if it’s a cover song, and royalty splits to as many collaborators as you want.

All about the win-win.

So, what's our cut? 15%


That means for every dollar your music earns, we get 15¢.
If you make $10, we get $1.50. Not bad, right?

This is why we work harder than our competitors. We’re not interested in taking your money if you’re struggling. We want you to thrive—then we can all thrive together!

Investing in your success.

Distributing through Soundrop is a risk-free proposition. Why? Because unlike other distributors, we don’t make money unless you make money.

We don’t charge any annual fees. Instead, we count on your exceptional talent to make great music. And we go the extra mile to make sure your songs are available to fans.

That leads to more streams, more downloads, and more royalties for you.

“What I really appreciate about Soundrop is their transparency. I always know exactly at which step of the distribution process my music is, and the monthly revenue statements provide me with all the information I could ask for and more. This makes Soundrop a business partner that I can trust and rely on.”

Leon Alex