The best pricing for cover artists.

Soundrop’s fee structure means your cover songs are set up right — for life.

It’s simple

No annual fees.
No delivery fees.
No upfront distribution fees.
No account fees.

We charge $9.99 per cover song to secure the required license, and then we keep 15% of the revenue you earn from digital music platforms. This means we only make money when you do; we’re a partner in your success today, tomorrow, forever.

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Release music as often as you want without a huge invoice hitting you at the end of every year. It should be about the size of your catalog, not the size of your distribution debt.

Release music without worrying your songs will be taken down if you’re late paying that annual fee, or if your credit card on file expires in the meantime.

Release music knowing your cover song licenses have been properly secured, and the audio, artwork, and metadata have been manually inspected by our team.

Release music without wondering if, when, how, and how often you can pay your collaborators. Soundrop handles that for you — and all your collaborators — for free.

Release music with the assurance that all rights holder (including you and all your collaborators) will get paid accurately and on time, every single month.

It’s about making it simpler for
you to do what YOU do.

That’s what we do.


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